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Jon Smith and his trusty cat, Blue, are designers of 3D printed bobbins for spinning wheels. Our goal is to produce quality bobbins at a low cost. Jon started this hobby to provide people with bobbins for antique and one-of-a-kind spinning wheels. Soon after starting, it became a real business when the demand increased. Today Jon and Blue produce a new design almost every week.

Jon has spent many years working in the computer business. He has done a little of everything: desktop support, networking, system administration, database administration, telephony, integrations, and software development. Today he spends his time working in a large hospital writing software for monitoring its many servers in multiple data centers. In his spare time he works 3D printing useful things.

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Here's my Spotify playlist. If you enjoy it, please let me know.

Customers are saying:

   7/10/2024   Deanna
This fit well and arrived quickly. I would definitely recommend this seller.
Louet S60, S10, Victoria Bobbins

Melanie at Yarn Journeys did a review of my Schacht bobbin. Check it out on Youtube.

Please visit the Bobbin Database to view all bobbins that have been designed.

Bobbins take many hours to print. To see the current work queue please visit the Current Orders page.

If you have a wheel that needs bobbins and can't find any, we can make you some. Just visit the Custom Bobbins page for more information.

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