Current Orders

Here are a list of current bobbin orders.

Order DateCustomerBobbin NameBobbin TypeQuantityColorStatus
5/19/2024Laurie Majacraft BobbinsJumbo 1Rose GoldAssembly
5/19/2024Laurie Majacraft BobbinsStandard 1Dark PurpleAssembly
5/19/2024Laurie Majacraft BobbinsStandard 1CopperAssembly
5/19/2024Laurie Majacraft BobbinsStandard 1GreenAssembly
5/21/2024Brenna Custom Bobbin for Spinning Wheel  3GoldAssembly
5/21/2024Mara Schacht Standard and Jumbo BobbinsStandard 1RedAssembly
5/23/2024Krystal Custom Bobbin for Spinning Wheel  1PinkPrinting

New - A New order that has not been started.
On Hold-Customer - There is a problem with the order, and the customer has been contacted.
Waiting for Materials - This color is out of stock and has been re-ordered. Printing will resume once the material comes in. (Usually 2-3 days)
Printing - The order is currently being printed.
Assembly - The order has been printed and is in a box waiting to be assembeled and shipped out. Assembly usually happens on Sunday.
Shipping - Orders usually ship on Monday.

Note: If you see your order in Assembly, you can expect it to be shipped on the following Monday.

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